New Year, New Strategies

Lets see whatsApp! 

Dr. Vela and ALAFAVE members in the digital era

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The holidays arrive to ALAFAVE with many surprises. Among them, a few special gifts that will immediately impact our Latin American candle manufacturers’ and suppliers’ business.

The new announcement is the WhatsApp group, developed to keep us up to date and informed in present time about the latest news in our industry:

WhatsApp Dr. Vela

Our traditional “Dr. Vela” is transitioning to a new level. The customary column that was used to answer our members’ questions and concerns, will open a new front starting 2017. The technical support and answers will be provided directly through this app.

“Dr. Vela” will continue to be one of the favorite sections in our valuable magazine Punto de Fusion. Now, as an added value, our members will have a viable line of communication via WhatsApp. This is one of the most popular instant messaging applications at the moment. This will allow our ALAFAVE members to keep in touch on daily bases, multiply their knowledge, and resolve daily challenges.

In this original chat, “Dr. Vela” will keep the technical focus that has characterized it through the years. The participants will be able to express and discuss directly their questions, processes, containers, raw materials, pigments, equipment, trends, etc. In exchange, they will receive the most precise answers from our specialists.

In order to guarantee excellent results, we have previewed and created regulations and a technical committee that will supervise, select and assess the messages and content. This will assure that the answers given reflect the most precise and clear information. We are confident that the new WhatsApp group “Dr. Vela,” will help us build a long chain of knowledge and experiences that at the end will enlighten the ALAFAVE family.

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