Letter of the President

20151209_103342_croppedI joined ALAFAVE in 2011, as I wondered around the trade show isles I never imagined the wonderful place it would be. I thought everything would circulate around merchandise, merely a business environment, exchange of knowledge and experiences; but soon enough I realized everything was beyond my expectation. I found a cordial and warm environment, filled with positive people and evident harmony among candle manufacturers and providers.

Henceforth, after having actively participated on the assemblies and ALAFAVE’s board of directors as a technical director and treasurer, today, I’m ready to take onto a new commitment as the new ALAFAVE president. I embrace this new challenge with great responsibility; I compromise to serve with total diligence, professionalism and most importantly with the passion to serve.

I am confident that we will continue on strengthening our association. We keep it present that the only way to achieve this is by: planning ahead, taking good decisions, working as a team, and being transparent on the actions we take, which should without a doubt benefit the industry, specially our members.

We have a mission, we have a path to follow, and we know where we want to be; we strongly believe that our results will continue to be successful for years to come if we remain working as the supportive team we are.

Given the proximity of the world candle congress, I would like to cordially invite you to participate in such a unique opportunity. This is a wonderful once a year experience where we all have the chance to meet and exchange ideas, and the only place where we’ll find all the raw materials and supplies needed at once, in addition to having technical information and workshops.

The World Candle Congress will be held at the hotel Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico on April 4-8 2016. This congress is jointly organized by NCA-ALAFAVE, members of AECM, ACE and associations of other countries will be participating as well. 

At last but not least, I would like to express my season’s greetings of peace, health, happiness and success to you at a personal and professional level. I hope when you extend greetings this upcoming holiday season, ALAFAVE is present in your thoughts as the family we are, the GREAT ALAFAVE FAMILY!

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