Did you know…?

The benefit of attending ALAFAVE’s Congress 2018 can be extended ALL YEAR ROUND!

Yes, beyond our awaited annual meeting with candle manufacturers and suppliers from the Latin American region, and besides the possibility of learning new trends, industry new technologies and the opportunity to participate in useful, and great workshops; our members have the chance to continue this learning experience up until 2019.

ALAFAVE has negotiated with Mauricio Duque (our special host, offering the E-commerce workshop) a giveaway of 150 free annual memberships to his portal www.hackingcommerce.com. If you would like to get one on your own, the cost is $359 USD.  

The memberships were developed by the international expert on digital marketing and contains access to all his Master Classes. Just to mention a few: How to buy in China and sell in Facebook, Amazon, effective strategies to sell in social media, and business opportunities in Google, as well as the digital marketing and the methodology for developing projects in the internet and much more.

The next step to get yours FREE is to attend the ALAFAVE Congress and Suppliers Trade Show 2018, and show up to the E-commerce workshop.

This is one more reason to attend the congress during April 24-26 in Asuncion, Paraguay. Bring all your enthusiasm to develop a new business vision, it is a must in today’s competitive and dynamic digital era.

 The date is closer…

See you in Asuncion!

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