Did you know…?

Latin America is the region with major use of social media in the world. According to a report by ComScore, the average spent time among Latin-Americans is of 6 hours per month. This level surpasses European (5.4) and North American (4.6) users.

If you are ready to be blown away, here is another significant fact: the category with greater number of virtual visits for Latin-Americans is the practice of business launches, social networking, and interconnecting people through the various networks. According to the latest readings, this category surpasses the ratings of the entertaining shows.

The message given by those numbers is clear: now days, social media cannot be excluded from any business strategy. This is confirmed by the industry of specialized investigation and digital marketing analysis, known as, Digital Trends: “in addition to serve as a mean of communication amongst people, social media, also serves as an interactive bridge between brands and consumers.”

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