Did you know…?

At the ALAFAVE Congress 2018, to be held in Asuncion, Paraguay. All candle manufacturers will learn more about effective methodologies, such as wick selection.

Leandro Nogueira, specialist in this topic, will offer the technical workshop: “how to choose the precise wick for each candle type.”

The main objective of this presentation is to educate the candle manufacturers on the most effective techniques to choose the appropriate wick, based on the candle’s formulation.

Passamanaria São Vitor’s imports and exports lead, will explain why it is necessary to have a more rigid wick, and the importance of a bigger wax pool formation; furthermore, the explanation will touch on the convenience of using the flat versus round wicks. He will also provide the formula to pick the best caliber with the purpose of guaranteeing a good candle burning, the correct flame parameters, and optimal levels of candle burning safety.

Leandro Nogueira’s technical workshop is one more reason to be present in Asuncion, Paraguay, on April 24, 25 and 26. We’ll see you there!

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