Did you Know…?

The E-commerce workshop to be offered by the well know expert, Mauricio Duque, during our ALAFAVE 2018, will be the sparkle that ignites our industry.

Our members wanting to catapult their business to the big leagues in the online commerce and virtual marketing, have a crucial date in Asuncion, Paraguay.

After coaching over 100,000 people; Mauricio Duque has become a synonym of guaranteed sales, growth and success. During our congress, he will teach us the most advanced trends, platforms and innovating technology that is revolutionizing the global business today.

As if it wasn’t enough, Mauricio has the intention to give our participating members a free membership to his portal hackingcommerce.com, each membership costs $359 dollars, and he will give away up to 150 free memberships, good for a year.

This prestigious specialist, and his over 18 years of expertise in e-commerce acquired at Silicon Valley, California, has only one objective in mind: to help the Latin American candle manufacturers to build a peripheral vision, identify opportunities and make decisions that will improve the path of their business.

Mauricio Duque’s workshop is a reason why you cannot miss ALAFAVE’s 2018 Congress and trade show. See you there!

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