Dear members of the ALAFAVE family:

The arrangements for our upcoming annual Congress and Suppliers Trade Show, ALAFAVE 2018, is in progress. It is the great annual event for our Association, and we are determined to make it a rewarding, useful and empowering experience for each of the participants.

The ALAFAVE Congress and Suppliers Trade Show 2018 is a great effort to launch our region’s candle industry to the world; to open new business opportunities, and promote advances and innovations.

Strategically, our event will be held in the historical city of Asuncion, Paraguay. It is a great opportunity to strengthen and create new business opportunities with the southern side of the American continent. It is as well a unique advantage for South American new members to join and acquire new business opportunities and partnerships with our ALAFAVE candle manufacturers and suppliers.

During this event, taking place on April 24-26, 2018, we will learn market trends and strategies, and many other novelties in our industry. In addition to getting the know how’s from our expert leaders in the candle industry.

Furthermore, we are excited because members of the Brazilian Candle Manufacturer’s Association, ABRAFAVE, will join us. This means that there will be more networking, more ideas and more opportunities to learn and grow.

Our drive is to create the ideal business atmosphere. We work daily so the dozens of candle manufacturers and suppliers acquire the tools and knowledge to help them expand and successfully face all the challenges carried by modern times.

In Asuncion awaits a meeting with Leandro Nogueira, from Sao Vitor. He will share his formula to choose the best wick according to the candle type. Moreover, our meeting with Mauricio Duque will be promising. This marketing leader will offer a one day workshop on E-commerce, which includes winning strategies to increase our sales and overcome the digital gap in Latin America. Did you know that the Latin American region has great potential in this sector?

Here comes the best part, ALAVAFE is providing another benefit. Each participating company will receive a membership with access to Mauricio’s well-known webinars and master classes. The webinars offer the latest novelties in sales and E-marketing. Each subscription costs $359 USD but ALAFAVE is giving them FREE! To our participating members.

As a friendly reminder, April 16 is the last day to register online. After this date all registrations will have to be done onsite, and subject to a late fee. For more details please visit our website and REGISTER NOW for this event.

Our meeting in Asuncion, Paraguay, will be MORE GLOBAL THAN EVER! You cannot miss it.


Best regards,


Alfredo Ocampo


Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association


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