Are You Ready For a Glow-B@lization?

This 2018, ALAFAVE has three favorable and strategic missions:

  1. To promote the consumption of candles worldwide
  2. Make the candle industry grow
  3. Enhance our members business

To find out if you are ready to form part of our visionary entrepreneurs’ team, you simply need to answer the following:


  • Are you a candle manufacturer for: decorative, scented, artisanal, floating, spa type, or any other type of candles?
  • Do you live on countries like Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, or any other Latin American country or the Caribbean?
  • Are you an ALAFAVE member?
  • Are you up to date with the membership’s fees?

If you answered YES to all the questions, we have excellent news for you.

We are offering innovative and powerful platforms to promote your business. Whatever part of the world you live in, or the type of candles you make, ALAFAVE will support your brand.

You only need to send us pictures of your candles, and we will make sure to include the images in our ALAFAVE candle catalogue.

Each of your pictures will be promoted in Instagram, with a link to your website, your company logo, and contact information.

Your brand will be launched worldwide, to be more global than ever!

CONTACT US NOW, take advantage of this unique opportunity.

If you are not an ALAFAVE member yet, here is a chance to be part of our Association’s new phase of global expansion.



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