ALAFAVE CONGRESS 2017 | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. July 11- 13, 2017

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Once again gathering the great ALAFAVE family

Once upon a time, there was a hidden Paradise awaiting to be unveiled. This was nature’s best kept secret until it was finally revealed in 1969, when a group of American investors acquired a strip of 50 square kilometers of inhabitable jungle in Dominican Republic. The place was known as Yauya or Punta Borrachon, where barely a few fishing villages where establishing.

Back then it was hard to imagine that in only a few years, the place with virgin beaches and wild land, today called Punta Cana, would become one of the most impressive and preferred tourist destinations around the world with over 2.7 million visits every year. Today, it is the third most visited city in Latin America, after Mexico City and Bueno Aires, Argentina. Must be for a reason…

After half a century of innovation, the enchanting paradise has been chosen as the site for our next ALAFAVE congress on July 11-13, 2017 at the Paradisus Punta Cana Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This is the ideal scenario for our historical event, which promises to surpass the expectations of our members.

This congress has been meticulously designed to achieve the perfect combination of learning, networking and fun.


Our congress will have a deluxe opening, our main event the “Meet & Greet” will enlighten the spirits of our members before our traditional welcoming cocktail. The rest of the agenda includes activities to fortify our networking by building a great and personalized consulting service. Our expert industry leaders will hold one on one consulting sessions, where manufacturers can disclose their concerns and together be able to design strategies to build a solid business. Guaranteed success!

All the manufactures will participate in specialized workshops offered by worldwide recognized experts, they will provide us the tools to improve our procedures, optimize resources, innovation, and the most recent trends to maximize our presence and productivity.

Among the speakers and invited presenters we will have: a well-known promoter of our industry José Luis Montes, from H&R Group. He will offer a presentation entitled: “Changes and transformations of waxes and paraffin,” José Luis is an expert in the market dynamics of oils/petroleum and wax. He is knowledgeable of the trends in the global market, the relationship price/performance and the most successful forms to add value to your product, with simple strategies such improving packaging and finding better logistic solutions.

Another surprise for this congress, will be the workshop to be offered by Berhard Leyer, better known as “Kaiser-Ben,” our technical expert with international fame. He will be presenting Kaiser-Lacke’s newly developed application to measure a candle’s flame (see article on The Importance of Attending a Flame in our Punto de Fusion). Furthermore, we will have a presentation on the most recent trends on vegetable waxes in the market.

Our business meeting, is planned for Wednesday July 12, this is a great opportunity to find important and up to date information. We will have a detailed outlook of the industry’s latest status, like current challenges and opportunities to expand into a new horizon.

In this congress we have also included a technical agenda with the main information on raw materials, methodologies and regulatory norms for the candle manufacturing. The objective is to open a file full of opportunities and useful recommendations to help our members achieve their goals and take their business to another level.

Our traditional trade show will have a dedicated session to consulting meetings, we will have over 150 participants, amongst them, representatives of about thirty companies exhibiting and proposing their innovating products. We are confident that this will be the perfect scenario for the creation of new business and effective partnerships.


At the Association of Latin American Candle Manufactures we keep up with the joyful Latin spirit that characterizes us around the world. Given the fact, we’ve built an interesting agenda full of learning, communication, entertaining and networking. Which will allow us to acquire capabilities and the necessary elements to improve, while interacting with top manufacturers from around the world. In addition, our congress promotes unique opportunities to maintain and attain direct contact with the most outstanding leaders in the industry.

The scheduled activities will be memorable and will leave a print in the memoirs of our participants. Imagine experiencing direct contact with dolphins in a unique environment, these mammals are considered to be some of the most intelligent and friendly animals on earth. Or what do you think about a relaxing and pleasant boat ride? A whole experience navigating through one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, and of course, last but not least, the drinks, good food, music and a great weather await.

On the last day of our congress, we will have a majestic group dinner. But the entertainment doesn’t stop here: Be prepared to close the night on a high note, literately, at the new club Guaguancó, a night club in Punta Cana inspired on Latin music. Practice your best merengue, salsa, bachata and regaetton moves, lets plan on closing the night singing and dancing to celebrate what promises to be a successful congress.

It is time to book your agenda and schedule the days of July 11-13, 2017 as high priority. If you are a candle manufacturer, supplier, or if you are related to the candle industry, your participation to the ALAFAVE Congress must be in your New Year’s resolution list. The guarantee satisfaction and benefits are on your court. Registration begins on February 15, 2017.

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