ALAFAVE Board Of Directors 2016 – 2018



As many of you may know, the horizon for this 2018 foresees numerous projects, new proposals, great opportunities and achievements to be celebrated.

This year also highlights the end of my term as the President of ALAFAVE’s Board of Directors. Throughout the last two years, we’ve endorsed campaigns, international market trends, and innovative regulations that allowed us to evolve along with the candle industry.

First of all, and in order to respond to the leading dynamics around the world, we designed and established a strategic analysis to position our Association inside a global atmosphere.

During this period we also celebrated the outstanding results of the great participation in our 5th World Candle Congress and Suppliers Trade Show, in Puerto Rico. About 500 participants and fifty exhibitors from over 30 countries were reunited, an unforgettable experience filled with knowledge, and the latest technical information and trends from around the world.

I would like to make a remark about our most recent experience at ALAVAVE’s Congress in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, 2017. I believe this was the right occasion to measure and understand the expectations and needs of our members. We identified the challenges and the corrections that need to be taken, in order continue making improvements.

The Congress in Punta Cana was the scenario to launch new strategies, and open up new communication channels. As a proof, we had the social media campaign and the live videos transmitted throughout the event, which allowed us to diffuse the live activities to all Latin America. The results were evident; the most relevant being the addition of our new 16 members.

Another important mention for this period, and essential to our work agenda, are the negotiations and meetings with the North American and European candle manufacturers Associations. The goal and efforts are clear: To make the first ever and most complete global congress; the idea is to take World Candle Congress to a strategic, and accessible territory that embraces the candle manufactures around the world.

In the Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association, we understand that our day to day requires constant updates, information, innovation, strategies and commercial insight. We are positive that we are on the right path. At least, this is what ALAFAVE’s favorable results tell us. Despite the economic hardships that our countries undergo, our numbers remain in a positive balance.

I would like to corroborate my commitment to arduously continue working alongside ALAFAVE until the last day of my duties as President. I will continue to volunteer for the Association from new and different scenarios.

Best Regards,

Alfredo Ocampo







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