Attention ALAFAVE!

Your place at the ALAFAVE Congress 2018 is ready, only your registration is missing. This is a friendly reminder, today April 17th is the last day to register online at the ease of a click from home or work.

Make sure to include this great opportunity in your repertoire, this could change the way your company does business, place yourself at the forefront of worldwide digital platforms. Contact Isabel Muench at

Go to:

In just a matter of minutes, you will form part of this event that could give your business multiple advancements, in addition to opening the door to invaluable workshops, like the one being offered by Leandro Nogueira from Sao Vitor Wicks: “how to pick the best wick” or the E-marketing workshop with the well-known, Mauricio Duque, he will teach us the strategies, trends, and infallible formulas in the digital marketing. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to own a membership for his online course This year round membership with a cost of $350 USD is brought to you FREE by ALAFAVE.

The date to welcome you with open arms is getting closer, we are looking forward to show you the opportunities lining for you at Asuncion, Paraguay.

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