ALAFAVE 2018 Annual Congress and Supplier Trade Show

Our number one resolution for the New Year!

After almost 500 years of our Lady of the Asuncion’s establishment, the members, suppliers, and friends of the Latin American Candle Manufactures Association will have the opportunity to enjoy this magical province; one of the oldest regions in South America and whose business opportunities are exploding over the world. Yes! Asunción, Paraguay, will be hosting ALAFAVE’s 2018 Congress and Supplier Trade Show. The Congress will take place at the Sheraton in the capital city of Paraguay, on April 24-26, 2018.

This beautiful city, with full potential for great business, is opening new opportunities for South America. Speaking of business, Leandro Nogueira from Sao Vitor wicks, will share the secrets to selecting the best wicks. This learning experience will direct you to innovative ideas, and improvement for candles processes.

In addition, the well-known expert in digital marketing, Mauricio Duque, will offer a one day workshop about E-marketing and E-commerce. You will be able to develop efficient strategies to acquire all the needed tools to revolutionize your business.

As a friendly reminder, the early bird registration fee will be closing on February 28, 2018. From this date on, the regular fee for online registrations will be applied until April 16. Any registrations after this date will have to be on-site and subject to the on-site fee. For more details go to:

The participation to this congress promises to be as productive as beneficial, with an overflowing list of new members, ALAFAVE 2018 will have a lot to offer! Make this your number one resolution for the New Year 2018.

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