A Word from the President

Dear ALAFAVE partners:

The members of this great family have genuine reasons to celebrate, and enthusiasm to double our efforts in the upcoming event. Just as planned, our recent congress in Punta Cana, was a combination of social events, professional networking and learning.

The participation and interest from all of you, made this new all-inclusive experience a commemorative congress for our record. Not only did we meet our objectives, but at the same time we enjoyed from the best companionship along the beautiful beaches in Dominican Republic. 

Candle manufacturers, suppliers and our guests, were able to create new alliances.  In an atmosphere filled with camaraderie, they shared experiences, learned new trends and methods to improve and innovate at their workplace. 

One of the event’s main objectives was to create new bridges and communication channels among the participants by easing the interpersonal connections, and have our members open up about their concerns and expectations.

Candle manufacturers and suppliers strengthened their partnerships. This networking opened up a new dialogue and opportunities to find deficiencies and tactics to resolve any issues. The priority of this reunion was to continue to seek the advancement and wellbeing of the Latin American candle industry.

Thank you for your support in this new all-inclusive event. In the past our members had expressed the need to involve more social experiences, and we hope you loved it! We are compromised to keep the momentum going towards growth.

We are still rejoicing from the Punta Cana’s event, but with our new goal in target. This time we are traveling to the south, specifically, to an emblematic place where history and poetry fuse to give us an incomparable horizon: Asuncion, Paraguay.

Allow me to be your host in my homeland, during the ALAFAVE Congress 2018 in the upcoming month of April. I’m inviting you to strengthen and grow the roots of our association. ALAFAVE’s agenda is covered until 2019, the year of the World Candle Congress in Barcelona, Spain. A historical event that will reunite members of both European Associations: Association of European Candle Makers (AECM) and the European Candle Association (ECA), the National Candle Association (NCA) will also participate and of course, our dear members of ALAFAVE, representation from all continents will be present.

Our Association will have the honor and great responsibility to be the leading host. We are thankful, because we know that we can count on the compromise and support of these important associations of candle manufacturers. We will work as a team, in pro of our candle industry.

The ALAFAVE members will have the incomparable opportunity to consolidate new business and export their products to Europe. Especially, for the artisanal candles, this sector is much appreciated by the so called Old Continent.

The path is set to urge our industry into a cutting edge platform. With the same or more will that we brought to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, we are determined to reach our mission. Mark down your agenda, and get ready to continue growing.

As always, sending you my appreciation and warm regards.


Alfredo Ocampo


Association of Latin American Candle Manufacturers


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