Getting ready for paradise

It took less than half a century for Punta Cana to be well known and impress the world by becoming one of the most privileged tourist destinations in Latin America. Each year, the Caribbean paradise is visited by about three million people.

Along with Bávaro beach, Punta Cana has the best beaches from Dominican Republic. This area is located on the western part of the country, known as “the coconut coastline” due to the impressive palms that surround the coastline.

“Perfect” is a suitable term to describe the weather in Punta Cana. All year round its weather is warm with an average of 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit and a delicious sea breeze. Rainy days come along during the summer to refresh the temperatures.

We suggest the following recommendations: check that your passport is up to date and review the Dominican Republic’s visa requirements according to your nationality. Bring, some cash as you may need to pay $10 or $20 US at immigration and customs as part of their Island’s tax. Make sure you pack some sunblock since most of our networking will be outdoors, and bring a list of questions to ask our suppliers at the networking, while enjoying from complimentary drinks.

It is suggested to pack sunblock with high SPF protection, insect repellent, anti-itch lotions, and a plug adapter; over there they use flat plugs up to 110 volts, however, you can always get it at the hotel or airport.

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