Conquering the World

Today, more than in any other point in history, we can confirm what our grandparents used to say: “the world is a handkerchief.” Globalization brings us the opportunity to break the limits of time and space. In ALAFAVE we know it well, and we practice it even better; this is why we take advantage of collaborating with our partners by growing hand in hand with our associates, members of the main associations of candle manufacturers around the world.

Recently, ALAFAVE participated in two major events held in Europe, our President Alfredo Ocampo, and Executive Director Isabel Muench represented the association. During the month of May, they attended the European Candle Association (ECA) in Austria, and in June they participated at the Association of European Candle Manufacturers (AECM) in Poland. At the beautiful city of the forests, Alps and Danube River, Vienna, Austria, ALAFAVE beheld the seventh celebration of the European Candle Day; the festivity was well attended by over a hundred people.


During the ECA congress, association directed by Vincent Kristen and whose members represent 60% of the total volume of candles manufactured in Europe, several topics were analyzed, such were, the potential of productivity and competition in the candle industry, actual insights, strategies to face harmful media, misinformation and loss of credibility, in addition to new information on the candle standardization processes.

One of the objectives of the trip was to identify the strengths of the Quality Association for Candles, and to evaluate the possibility of applying the European quality seal for candles in Latin America. This would allow us to further investigate the demand and supply of candles in Europe, and identify the business and export opportunities that candle manufacturers in the Latin America region could employ.

20160616_192602_croppedSubsequently, the AECM held their Conference last June from the 16-18 in Krakow, for many the heart of Poland, where interesting and essential topics affecting the candle industry were discussed. Recognized experts shared frontline information to identify new business opportunities within the industry. Jonas Evaldsson (IKEA), Sebastien Roy (Devineau), Gianluigi Mazzolari (A Lume di Candela di Rinaldi Tiziana) and Mario Graziani (Graziani), with the help of Colin O’Carroll as the moderator, presented the topic “How to guarantee the quality in the candle manufacturing process?” on the other hand, Theresia Schünemann from Walter Rau and Ashwin Selvaraj, from RSPO, assisted by Dani Kolb from the AECM explained the most effective way to communicate candle sustainability.

The presentation given by Sascha Oliver Zoeller on how to expand online candle’s business was embraced with great perception. Without a doubt all these current topics are imperative for our industry and they only prove the importance of keeping a continuous communication with the leaders of the European associations.


ECA, AECM, NCA and ALAFAVE together on a remarkable mission

Strengthening business bonds among the four leading associations from the new and old continent (ECA, AECM, NCA and ALAFAVE), has been a fructiferous mission. An idea emerged during the last World Candle Congress held in Puerto Rico, the possibility of unifying efforts to execute for the first time our sixth World Candle Congress (WCC) 2019 in Europe.

The objective is to offer our members a unique, never seen before experience: A ONE of a kind event for candle manufacturers with a fascinating technical and regulatory agenda that includes valuable, and superb information for anyone that is eager to keep up with the always revolving global candle market.

Since 2004, ALAFAVE and NCA have made a similar effort in the American continent by collaborating together on joining hundreds of participants from over 30 countries around the world. Why not leap onto the next stage?

Qui no ha vist Barcelona, no ha vist cosa bona

The Cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, second capital of Spain, is the proposed venue for such dynamic conference, everything indicates that this proposal is highly supported. The survey taken by participants of the 5th World Candle Congress in Puerto Rico states that 80% of the people expressed their willingness to travel to Barcelona; the most fashionable and trend setting city that hasn’t lost its traditions and pride on history, a paradise, and one of the most visited locations in Spain.

Barcelona has a fascinating history and an indelible footprint in time that dates back to the Neolithic period. Their prominent development during the medieval times is impressed in their Gothic Quarter. Barcelona became one of the main economic and political centers of not only the Mediterranean but the world, its evolution traces back to being a roman colony named Barcino in the first century B.C.

Among the reasons that bring millions of tourists every year to this emblematic city-port, located between the sea and mountains, are the multiple artistic treasures and the remarkable trails of Dali, Miró and Picasso. The legacy in the architectonic terrain is the urban transformation from the XX century, existing in the Eixample district and the distinctive art that opens insuperable attractions created by the Catalan Anotni Gaudi such are la Casa Batló and the temple of the Sacred Family.

In present-day, its beautiful architecture and reputation converted Barcelona in the platform for the Olympics (1992) and cultural forum (2004), now, in the XXI century we are working to embrace it as the site for the first World Candle Congress in Europe, which will unify the leading organizations in the candle industry and hundreds of manufacturers from numerous countries.

We are confident that this is an exceptional opportunity for manufacturers and of course, for the suppliers, to strengthen their partnerships and business relations.

The sixth World Candle Congress 2019 promises to be a historical event; hence, we all ought to keep this promise. Only after our congress, the symbol of a united world won’t be a handkerchief, but a beautiful lit candle.

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